Hair colour is so scary, but Veola Hair Colour is herbal based…so my hair’s less oily now and more radiant. The girls envy it and my husband loves it.

AliaVeola Henna based Hair Colors
Age 26 – Lab technician Dubai

My daughter thought I was old-fashioned for using a herbal-based hair color, but now she also loves the Veola Hair color. It stays and makes hair more beautiful.

AyyubVeola Henna based Hair Colors
Age 35 – Fashion Stylist Bahrain

I was so terrified of hair colour. I was scared I’d damage my hair, but Veola Hair Colour actually made my hair healthier. It’s great.

IbrahimVeola Henna based Hair Colors
Age 30 - Sales Manager Cairo (Egypt)

I went from nerd to dude overnight using Veola Hair Gel. It’s like magic.

HusanVeola Hair Gels
Age 24 - Socialist Dubai

My hair styling now is studio-standard, with Veola Hair Gel. It’s easy to apply and looks great.

GhassanVeola Hair Gels
Age 26 - Fashion Designer Bahrain

With Veola Hair Gel, my hairstyle lasts through a party night. I love it, and the girls love it too.

HarounVeola Hair Gels
Age 25 – Ramp Model Riyadh

Veola hamam zaith gives me pure luxury hair of protection and beauty. And it’s such an aromatic, relaxing experience…

FadelVeola Hamam Zaith
Age 24 - Beautician Jeddah

I was losing my hair and my mind too, as a result… Now Veola Hamam Zaith has helped me in conditioning my hair better and it’s such a beautiful relief.

Abu BakrVeola Hamam Zaith
Age 20 - Student Tunisia

My hair was unmanageable, frizzy and untidy… Using Veola hamam Zaith conditioner really changed my hair and thus my life.

Abd Al SamadVeola Hamam Zaith
Age 28 – Fashion Stylist Casablanca (Morocco)

Split ends, hair thinning and loss of hair was worrying me. A friend suggested me to use Bajaj Veola herbal hair oil. With its power of 8 special herbs it has solved almost all my hair problems in one go.I would strongly recommend to all my friends, if you want a one stop shop for all your hair problems. Try Bajaj Veola herbal hair oil. It works fantastically well.

Heena hussainHair Oils
Age 38 – Trichologist Cairo, Egypt