Scalp irritation was a major problem with my type of hair. Dandruff and itchy scalp were common problems experienced by me over the years till I started using Bajaj Veola Olive hair oil. It not only has started strengthening my roots but also helped me to overcome the itchy scalp. Thanks to Bajaj Olive hair oil, I seem like connected back to my roots. Bajaj Veola Olive hair oil stimulated my hair growth by strengthening my hair roots and improved the texture. My hair is voluminous now.

Zahida RafiqHair Oils
Age 32 – Makeup Artist Dubai

I had been experiencing premature greying and frequent hair loss. Dullness of hair was becoming a regular problem. The day I started using bajaj Veola pure amla hair oil, my life has changed for good. Within just two weeks I noticed a considerable change in my hair, started experiencing lesser hair fall than before, my hair started look darker and stronger like never before. Premature greying seemed like history. Thanks to Bajaj Veola Pure Amla hair oil I have got the grip back on my life.

ReemaHair Oils
Age 36 – Hair Stylist Manama, Bahrain

Chlorine has taken away the shine and the texture of my hair. Veola hair cream has not only cleansed my hair but also has nourished and protected it. Veola hair cream for men is really effective and recommendable.

Abu MoosaHair Creams
Age 36 – Life Guard Khobar, Dammam

My hair was damaged due to excessive exposure to sun. Veola hair cream not only nourished but has protected my hair from extreme harsh weather conditions. This is a stylish product which protects and nourishes my hair too. Thank you Veola hair cream.

Ejaz Ul HuqHair Creams
Age 34 - Civil Engineer Riyadh, KSA

I was undergoing massive hair fall due to dandruff. Veola cool anti dandruff hair cream has not only made my hair dandruff free but also has nourished and protected them too.

Habib HussainHair Creams
Age 28 - Sales Executive Dubai. UAE